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Chamlija white wine selection includes indigenous Turkish grapes varieties like Narince, Huyuk Balglari AK Uzumu, Ten Goynek and also European grapes like Alberino, Viognier, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Riesling,

Camlica winery has been founded by Mustafa Camlica in 2000 in a small Thracian town Buyukkaristan and planted his vineyard throughout the decomposed granite soils of the Strandja Massif, near where Turkey meets Bulgaria, there are 58 different parcels. Thrace has a unique terroir thanks to it location ; Black Sea which brings freshness, Sea of Marmara brings balance and Aegean Sea brings sunshine and warm climate.

Mustafa is prominent wine investor from third generation of the family to live in Turkey, it is his name behind this ambitious project. The Winery is called after his daughter Irem Camlica who is renowned artist in Turkey and her art work adorns Chamlija wine labels.

Chamlija started the viticulture project in 2006, first production was made in 2011, it is the largest vine vineyard producer in Thrace with total 900.000 square meters of vineyard. Chamlija still holds the title of the best wine producer in the Balkans

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