Wine Tasting Events

Thank you for choosing our place to host wine tasting event (bookings only), exploring wine is endless adventure, it provides a platform for wine lovers to engage with world of wine, deepen their appreciation and enjoy memorable experiences with fellow wine enthusiasts, so there is nothing better than great wine and friends. Wine knowledge goes long way, opening doors to new flavours and tastes. On the evening we will discuss grapes, wine producers and regions. You will be sampling 6 wines (50ml) which includes 3 reds, 2 whites, rose or natural wine paired with cheese & bread. Please contact Sezai on 07834736310 and let us organize your wine tasting event (minimum 6 people maximum 12 people) Friday or Saturday evening, it is a great way to learn and try new wines in a relaxed and friendly environment. 

Ticket will be sold per person 30£


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