La Tordera Otreval Brut Zero Sugar Prosecco D.O.C.G. 750ml, Italy


Glera&Verdiso Sparkling Wine Italy

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Wine Description

  • Sparkling Wine 
  • Extra Brut
  • Origin Italy, Guia
  • Zero Sugar
  • 12% ABV
  • Glera and Verdiso grapes

Prosecco has become best selling sparkling wine world wide. We have searched for best quality, natural and biodynamic and we found La Tordera Winery, this family run, eco-sustainable winery main motto is ‘Natural Balance’ which defiantly reflects in a unique test of this delicious bubbly. All you need to do is… pop the cork!

This Italian Zero Sugar Prosecco DOCG is a perfect synthesis of pleasantness’ and balance. It is blend of best Glera and Verdiso grapes, after hand harvesting it follows second fermentation, this process allows zero sugar content at the end of its processing.  it is only 12% of alcohol, straw yellow with green reflection,  more complex than typical one, on the palate we can taste pears, bread crust and chalky aromas notes of white flowers, apple and pear. It is very fresh with great acidity. Otreval Brut conveys the essence and elegance of the fruit and together with it the work of man who take care of its vineyards with great passion and commitment.

Sugar 0 residual sugars

Sulphur Dioxide 84 mg/l

Acidity 5.7 gr/l

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