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Chamlija Papaskarasi, Kalecik Karasi, Narince Turkey

Indigenous Turkish Grapes, Mixed Case of Narince, Kaleci Karasi, Papaskarasi, 6 bottles, Turkey

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 Enjoy this superb selection of Boutique Turkish grape varieties, it is ideal gift for anyone who loves Turkish wines or simply wants to open new horizons.  Box includes mixed case of 6 wines: whites, reds, rose and Natural Orange wine from renowned Chamlija winery.

1 bottle  Chamllija Natural Orange Wine (Narince) 2018 

1 bottle Chamlija Kalecik Karasi 2019

1 bottle Chamliaja Kara Sevda Blind Love (Papaskarasi) 2018

1 bottle Chamlija Rose De Strandja (Papaskarasi)2018

1 bottle Chamlija Blanc De Noirs (Papaskarasi) 2018

1 bottle Chamlija Blanc De Noirs (Papaskarasi) 2019 


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