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Our Wine Cellar Racks and Storage

Our finest wines deserve the best storage, nothing can be more impressive than bespoke, handmade wine cellar. We couldn't be more proud of craftmanship and quality of design by Mete Ergin from Istanbul. Our wine racking are all hand-crafted with passion and attentions to details - iconic piece made from top quality walnut wood that can hold up to 2000 bottles. These handy storage is not only an elegant or sophisticated way to store our bottles of wines but also to preserve their very best value!   


                  An Iconic Piece of Art


                  Bespoke and quality design


                                         Wine Rack

                     Creative design           

                                        Wine Rack        

                   Wine & Art from Irem Chamlija 


                         Cosy corner 

                                        Wine Rack

                              Custom made piece   

                                                    wine racks   



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