La Tordera, Prosecco, Italy

La Tordera winery is located at the hills called Tordera of Valodobbiadene between Venice and Dolmites. In 1918, great grand-father Bepi planted first vine which started the history and success of winery. La Tordera is family business, owned by three brothers Renato, Gabriell and Paolo supported by parents Pietro and Mierella.

The new eco-sustainable winery allows to work in complete respect for the environment, a philosophy that also accompanies in the care of the land where the vineyards are located. The main key word has always been ‘Natural Balance’ which translates into the constant and continuous search for sustainable agriculture from environmental, economic and social point of view. The winery works exclusively with grapes from only its own land in 27 terroirs of the Prosecco Superiore DOCG production area, including 15 municipalities in the province Treviso where clay soil offers the perfect conditions for the cultivation of the vine. Very important note is that La Tordera is use the least possible amount of sulphites ensuring best quality of each product. Secondly harvesting is strictly done by hand to preserve consistency and healthiness of the berries, the maximum quality of the bunches their complete integrity allows to reduce the addition of sulphites in the process of winemaking.

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